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Every witch will want a wombat after reading this humorous picture book perfect for little readers who want a new pet!


Wilma, a young witch, cannot wait to get her very first cat! But when the pet store is fresh out of kittens, Wilma brings home. . . a wombat?! What a CAT-astrophe! A wombat is nothing like a cat, but maybe if Wilma puts cat ears on the little critter, no one will notice. . . . (Spoiler alert: they do.)This bright and fun picture book teaches young witches that our differences can be our strengths when we have an open mind!



“A spellbinding tale that encourages readers to accept—and celebrate—what makes us different.” —Kirkus Reviews

“With a valuable lesson to accept others as they are, this story is great for any children’s collection, any time of year.” —School Library Journal

Author: Ashley Belote

Illustrator: Ashley Belote

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers

ISBN: 978-0593569634

Release Date: 07.04.23

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