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Victoria Franken, slime scientist, loved her slime. And her slime loved her back.

Ever since the dark and stormy night when Victoria Franken brought her slime to life, she and Goop have been great friends, but when Valentine's Day rolls around, Victoria comes to the horrifying realization that while she had many friends, Goop only had her.

The only solution is for her to make him a new friend. But when Victoria gets bored waiting for lightning to strike twice, things get a bit out of control!

Author: Joy Keller

Illustrator: Ashley Belote

Publisher: Feiwel & Friends

ISBN: 9781250799777

Release Date: 12.7.21


Accolades for Valenslime

Victoria, an exuberant Black girl who loves to experiment with slime, calls herself a "slime scientist." She and her friend, Goop, a giant slime blob, love to read science stories together. As Victoria makes Valentine's cards for her school friends, readers learn through detailed illustrations and text that Goop wants another friend. Can Victoria experiment and make a friend for Goop? Keller takes readers on a hysterical rollercoaster ride of action while Victoria tinkers with different recipes of slime. She records all her observations, like a true scientist. Finally, Victoria and her dog Igor realize they've made many friends for Goop. This vibrant book is filled with eye-catching illustrations that will leave children yearning for more. Using a mix of bright colors and a variety of digitally created art, Belote taps into every child's imagination. The author and illustrator also blend in Victoria's handwriting all over the walls with her scientific observations. Keller uses developmentally appropriate text that early readers know, combined with multisyllabic adjectives like "splattered and sparkled" to make for a joyful reading experience. Classic Frankenstein hints dropped in the book make this a fun read for all ages. Back matter includes some of Victoria's favorite slime recipes, so readers can make their own valenslimes. VERDICT A must for early childhood librarians, teachers, parents, and readers.

-- Kelly Richards, School Library Journal

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