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Coming soon - SHEEPWRECKED!

Set sail on a hilarious romp on the high seas with a group of pirate sheep and their big emotions! Join them as they bumble their way to a lost island and find the best treasure of all — friendsheep!

Baa-hoy! Captain Hoof and his crew of sheep pirates are headed home with their treasure. Then — SMASH! CRASH! BAM! — the flock has been SHEEPWRECKED. They’re cursed! They’re lost forever! They’ll never make it home! Until. . . a long-lost pirate helps the ragtag flock calm their nerves and see that things aren’t all that bad. All’s wool that ends wool in this hilariously absurd, adventurous picture book from the creator of Witch & Wombat.

“A cheery story that “wool” likely evoke some smiles.” —Kirkus Reviews

Random House Books for Young Readers 7/9/24 ISBN: 9780593569665

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NEW - don't wash winston!

We’ve all been there… A bit of a spill, an overenthusiastic leap, one mud pie too many, and OH NO! our beloved stuffed animal friend suddenly has to be (gulp) WASHED!

When Winston, Liam’s favorite teddy bear, gets muddy, Dad decides that Winston needs to be washed. But the washing machine is big and loud and scary! Liam decides that the only solution is to hide Winston away from this terrible fate. Don't Wash Winston, allows anxious toy-protectors to gleefully follow along with Liam’s teddy-hiding plans, while also, in the end, leading them to the realization that sometimes it really is necessary for even the most beloved friend to be washed.

Feiwel & Friends/Macmillan 3/26/24 ISBN: 9781250883056

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(Random House 7/4/2023)

Wilma, a young witch, cannot wait to get her very first cat! But when the pet store is fresh out of kittens, Wilma brings home. . . a wombat?! What a CAT-astrophe! A wombat is nothing like a cat, but maybe if Wilma puts cat ears on the little critter, no one will notice. . . . (Spoiler alert: they do.) This bright and fun picture book teaches young witches that our differences can be our strengths when we have an open mind!

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The Me Tree_A. Belote_Cover 3.23.jpg


(Feiwel & Friends 6/21/2022)


(Penguin Workshop 11/9/2021)

Louella is VERY excited to be at Roar Scout Camp. There's so many fun things for her to do! But Louella is so busy having fun that she doesn't stop to listen to anyone else... Or to realize that maybe her new friends aren't having quite as much fun as she is. When Louella misses an important invitation, it's up to Tarantula and the rest of their friends to help Louella learn to listen and play together.

Bear just wants a tree for himself. No roommates, no guests, just sweet solitude. So he packs up his things, finds a great listing for a spacious tree, and moves in. At first, it's perfect. Just what he wanted. But he soon realizes that his tree might not be just for him... in fact, there seem to be quite a few residents of this tree. Will Bear learn how to share his Me Tree?



(Penguin Workshop 10/11/2022)

Bear is back and this time his home, “The We Tree,” is full of holiday cheer… for everyone but Bear. With guests like four flocking birds, three French squirrels, two spruced-up cats, and a partridge in the We Tree, will Bear finally find the holiday spirit?


FRANKENSLIME, written by Joy Keller,

(Feiwel & Friends 7/13/2021)

In this picture book, a girl scientist experiments to make bold and wonderful slimes. Her experiments go awry when she accidentally creates a slime creature!


VALENSLIME, written by Joy Keller,

(Feiwel & Friends 12/7/2021)

In this picture book, a girl scientist experiments to make bold and wonderful slimes. Her experiments go awry when she accidentally creates a slime creature!

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