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A Partridge in the We Tree

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Bear is back and this time his home, “The We Tree,” is full of holiday cheer… for everyone but Bear. With guests like four flocking birds, three French squirrels, two spruced-up cats, and a partridge in the We Tree, will Bear finally find the holiday spirit?

With full-color illustrations on every page, this humorous story is perfect for kids just beginning to read on their own. The early vocabulary and amusing illustrations make reading easy and fun! Exciting, easy-to-read books are the stepping stone a young reader needs to bridge the gap between being a beginner and being fluent.

Author: Ashley Belote

Illustrator: Ashley Belote

Publisher: Penguin Workshop

ISBN (Hardcover): 9780593384886

ISBN (Paperback): 9780593384862

Release Date: 10.11.22


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